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You Buy A Watch, We Plant A Tree

WeWOOD care for the environment is proved by its important collaboration with “American Forest”, “Trees For The Future” and “Treedom” associations, which plant a tree for every WeWOOD product sold. WeWOOD mission is creating exclusive and innovative products made of reclaimed wood, characterized by a mix of design, fashion and environmental responsibility, with the aim of minimizing the impact on nature, while maintaining a skillful handcrafted production process. WeWOOD has planted over 600,000 trees with its partners and is heading towards the goal of 1 million planted trees by 2020.


Born in Florence in 2009 WeWOOD is the union of the Italian talent to create objects of unique design and the environmental commitment reached through responsible procurement of raw materials for manufacturing. WeWOOD accessories are created using reclaimed and recycled wood and materials, completely free of toxic elements and extremely light and comfortable to wear. Its eco-friendly and trendy line of watches is the result of the constant research and development on innovative materials. Since 2009 WeWOOD has been collaborating with nonprofit organizations involved in tree planting and reforestation projects. Thanks to the help of customers and international partners, WeWOOD goal is reaching 1 million trees in 2020.