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Date ME

Date ME

L'unione di forza e raffinatezza

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Materiali grezzi, rifiniture metalliche e dettagli di colore. Il calore del legno e il design dell’acciaio, recuperato e sapientemente lavorato, esaltano l’aspetto materico e il sapore di Date ME. Uno stile unisex, unico e inconfondibile, adatto per ogni occasione.

Rough materials, metal finishing and colored details. The warmth of wood and the design of steel - reclaimed and skillfully manufactured materials - enhance the touch and the feel of DATE ME. A unique, unmistakable unisex style, suitable for any occasion.  

MOVIMENTO - Movement

• Movimento giapponese Miyota al quarzo - Quartz Japanese Miyota Movement

CASSA - Case

• Materiale cassa - Case material: wood - stainless steel bezel

• Larghezza - Width: 42 mm 

• Spessore - Thickness: 12 mm 

• Vetro minerale - Mineral Glass


• Bracciale regolabile con chiusura in acciaio - Adjustable bracelet with locking stainless steel clasp

• Materiale bracciale - Bracelet material: wood - stainless steel

• Maglie rimovibili - Removable links: 3+3

• Larghezza maglie - Link width: 25 mm

• Lunghezza massima - Maximum length: 19 cm 

• Lunghezza minima - Minimum length: 13 cm 


• Legno 100% Naturale - 100% Natural Wood

Materiali di recupero - Reclaimed materials

• Ipoallergenico - Hypoallergenic

• Peso - Weight: 54 g

• Batteria - Battery: Sony SR626SW

Our Tree Planting Story

You Buy A Watch, We Plant A Tree

WeWOOD collaborates with Trees For The Future to plant a tree for every wood watch purchased. Our Goal is to help restore Mother Nature, one watch at a time, by planting a tree for every watch. Since 2011, WeWOOD has planted over 600,000 trees with its partners and sets challenging target for 2017 and beyond. One such challenge is our goal of planting 1 million tree by 2020. Keeping forests healthy and happy keeps us healthy and happy, and we like to keep this reminder on our wrists.